Set of 2 Hard-Sided Polypropylene Luggage Trolley Bags (Black, 55 and 65 cm)


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  • Extremely lightweight: Hard side 2 piece luggage set which is just 6.2 kgs, includes the following sizes: Small: 55 cms (2.6 kgs) and Medium: 65 cms (3.6 kgs). The 55 cm bag can be used as a cabin luggage ,and 65 cm can be used as a check-in lugggae.
  • Luggage is made from 100% Polypropylene which is very resilient, durable and extra lightweight. It absorbs impact by flexing while under stress then popping back to its original shape, eliminating dents and dings while protecting its contents.
  • Anti-theft zip: The Amsterdam comes with an anti-theft, double zipper that tamper-proofs your bag. Any pointy object is enough to tamper with a zip. The double coil zipper offers doubly secure luggage as it cannot be opened by these means.
  • Expander: Luggage comes with an expander option of up to 25% more packing capacity. TSA lock with a resettable number code for secure travel to any destination. The luggage can be locked and unlocked by the number code and doesn’t require any key.

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Weight 500 kg


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